SpacePy: Space Science Tools for Python
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Accessing credential file: /home/conrad/.magpycred
Accessing credential file: /home/conrad/.magpycred
Accessing credential file: /home/conrad/.magpycred Error: Unkown format! Choose one of the following output formats:
 -- LATEX: LateX data
 -- WDC: World Data Centre format
 -- DKA: K value format Intermagnet
 -- DIDD: Output format from MinGeo DIDD
 -- JSON: JavaScript Object Notation
 -- IMF: Intermagnet Format
 -- IAGA: IAGA 2002 text format
 -- PYSTR: MagPy full ascii
 -- IMAGCDF: Intermagnet CDF Format
 -- PYASCII: MagPy basic ASCII
 -- IAF: Intermagnet archive Format
 -- PYCDF: MagPy CDF variant
 -- BLV: Baseline format Intermagnet
 -- IYFV: Yearly mean format Intermagnet