HISTMAG database

Query the HISTMAG Database:

HISTMAG database combines historical and archeo-/paleomagnetic records of the geomagnetic field.
Historical data were either newly acquired or collected from available publications (e.g., Jonkers et al. (2003), Korte et al. (2009), etc.). Archeomagnetic and lava records were directly integrated from GEOMAGIA50.v3 database (Brown et al., 2015).
See the paper (Arneitz et al., 2017) and manual for details. Please report any problems to Patrick Arneitz. The HISTMAG project was funded by the Austrian Science Fund (P24722).

Updates February 2021:

Several historical datasets have been revised and corrected according to original sources (see log-file). Recent archeomagnetic studies from GEOMAGIA50.v3.4 (from September 2020) and Schnepp et al. (2020) have been added.

1. General Constraints

Data type: All data Historical data Archeo-/Paleomagnetic data
Time of interest: Min Year (AD) Max Year (AD)
Region by coordinates: Min Lat Max Lat
Min Lon Max Lon
Region via circle at: Center Lat Center Lon with radius in km
Field components: Declination Inclination Intensity
Include flagged records? Modelling Duplicate Unreliable

2. Query constraints

Obligatory: Choose between 2.a Keyword Query OR 2.b Systematic query:

(The specification of a keyword or selection of a source/material is obligatory; otherwise, no data will be returned)

2.a Keyword Query
(Information on source, site, comment, observer and literature is scanned for matches.)
Keyword(s) for query (minimum word length is 4 characters):
Show DivAdvanced search criteria:

2.b Systematic Query
Historical sources:
All Jonkers et al. (2003)
Land survey Navy survey Mapping survey Expedition
Measurement Observatory Monastery Societas Meteorologica Palatina
Mining Map Sundial Portolan chart

Archeo-/Paleomagnetic materials:
All Archeological Volcanic and other rocks
Brick Tile Pottery Ceramic Porcelain
Kiln Oven or hearth Charcoal pile Funeral pyre Bell mould
Lava Slag Baked clay Baked rock Baked mud
Burnt floor Burnt earth Burnt pit Burnt structure Burnt castle wall
Bath Hypocaust Sauna Smoking chamber Fresco
Wall Tuyere Unbaked sediment Vitrified material Volcanic ash deposit
Pit house Pit structure Sun dried object Mixed archeological objects Other or undefined volcanic
Archeological ashes Burnt sediment Mural Salt kiln Furnace
Vitrified stone Whorl Soil Kamadogu Foundry
Obsidian Chert Burnt Daub Granite Volcanic Glass
Praefurnium Roasting Pit Speleothem Stamped jar handle Fireplace
Drying Pit Mosaic Stamped jar handle Hangi Stone Not specified

Restrictions for intensity experiments:
Alteration monitor Anisotropy correction Cooling rate correction

3. Output

Output format: Compact Output Full Output
Display Literature? Primary reference Secondary reference

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