Application of the wavelet transform for the analysis of the components of the geomagnetic field and its relation with the meteorological behavior in the station of Fúquene in the period 2005-2015

Dinorath Gil Yepez

Instituto Geográfico Agustín Codazzi , Colombi


The use of the wavelet transform was proposed to analyze and characterize the geomagnetic behavior at the Fúquene station in Colombia; Likewise, the relationship of these variables with meteorological behavior at different time scales was studied. A methodology for the control of the quality of the geomagnetic data was proposed in the first instance. Subsequently, the analysis of the time series was carried out, and finally the Wavelet analysis. Indicators were obtained to characterize high and low magnetic activity, and, likewise, different responses of the geomagnetic-meteorological relationship were obtained depending on the scale analyzed, giving a first inference for the analysis and execution of the meteorological models from the variables geomagnetic The broad applicability of the Wavelet transform for the development of various types of projects was demonstrated, especially for risk management. The results obtained from the implementation of the methodology to the station of Fúquene, give rise in the framework of future projects, to the development of the same study on multiple stations, to manage the land resource through the application of geosciences and the use of the spatial analysis.