The Nampula Magnetic Observatory (NMP), Mozambique

Mucussete, A.

Dipreme Nampula Mozambique


Eleven years after the reopening of Nampula Magnetic Observatory (NMP), Nampula continuously is conducting monitoring activities of the Earth's magnetic field. And so we think that is open a path to a common future in the field of geomagnetic studies. The main purpose of this presentation is to show the participants here and the tasks carried out in the magnetic observatory Nampula, as opportunities like these are rare. This work is the result of the commitment that Mozambique in general has in the field of physical studies of the planet we live in, giving their contribution from absolute observations and recording data on components X, Y, Z and F. We have challenges yes, related to improving the quality of our data, as they are sometimes recorded with interruptions caused by power supply. The present work shows the magnetic declination of Nampula and Maputo as well as the wide differences between them, opening way from the real cause of this phenomenon. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who direct or indirectly have contributed to the renewal of our observatory.