Magnetic field

secular variations in Ukraine on the base of RS network


Maksymchuk, V. (1), Orlyuk, M.


(1) Carpathian

Branch of S.I.Subbotin's Geophysical Institute,Ukrainian academy of

Sci., Lviv, Uktaine; (2) S.I.Subbotin's Geophysical Institute,

Ukrainian academy of Sci., Kyiv, Ukraine



observations on the RS network let us obtain information about

absolute values of magnetic field components, which are the base for

normal magnetic field maps plotting. But repeat observations on the RS

network give a possibility to obtain magnetic field secular variations

(SV) data and information about their spatial structure. Considering

size of the investigating area (18 degrees in E-W direction and 8

degrees in N-S direction) the problem of normal geomagnetic field and

its SV mapping is very actual for Ukraine.

In 2018 SV network in Ukraine consists from 78 points (near 1 SV

point in 8,000 More, in Ukraine are based 3 magnetic

observatories: Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa. Recent RS network was founded during

2003-2004 yrs. And first cycle of observations was fulfilled. Repeat

observations were done during 2010-2011 yrs. The results were the base

for maps of secular variations, X, Y, Z, F, D components for 2010-2005

years. Especially complex SV spatial structure in all magnetic field

components was stated.

Few anomalous zones of F SV morphology in Ukraine are defined.

Minimum values of SV are characteristic in Transcarpathians (28 nT/per

year), Volyno-Podillya (30 nT/per year), Crimea Peninsula (30 nT/per

year). Central and Eastern parts of Ukraine are characterized by

mosaic SV structure of F field with some isometric anomalies, proved

only by one SV point.

Comparison of SV spatial structure, based on the SV points data and

IGRF model shows essential differences. Deviation from IGRF model for

F, Z components were defined in active seismic regions of Carpathians

and Crimea (-2-3 nT/per year), for Volyno-Podillya and Donbass (2-3

nT/per year). The same time close correlation of SV anomalies

structure with anomalous magnetic field can be observed. It testifies

Earth’s lithospheric sources impact in magnetic field SV.

The next repeatable geomagnetic observations cycle on the Ukrainian

SV network is planned in 2019-2020 yrs.