Regional Magnetic Map: the results of calculations of the geomagnetic

field components for the Epoch 2015

Orlyuk, M. (1), Marchenko, A. (1), Romenets A. (1),

Bakarjieva M. (1)

1Institute of

Geophysics by S.I.Subbotin name NAS Ukraine, Palladin, av. 32, Kiev,

03680, Ukraine


A method to

calculate power and angular components of the Earth’s magnetic field

induction vector is proposed. This method is grounded on the

development of 3D model of the Earth’s crust and following

calculation by it of northern (∆Вax), eastern (∆Вay) and

vertical (∆Вaz) components of anomalous magnetic field that

together with corresponding components (В0x, В0y, В0z) of normal

field enable to define full values of Вx -, Вy -, Вz - components

of the Earth’s magnetic field. Using them the value of horizontal

component (BH) as well as the angles of declination D and inclination

I of geomagnetic field vector are calculated. Method allows calculate

the components of the field to sources with remanent and induced


3d magnetic model of the territory of Ukraine is represented by 230

magnetic sources. The sources of magnetic anomalies are located at

depths from 1 to 10 km (sources of local magnetic anomalies) and 7-10

÷ 30-45 km (sources of regional anomalies). The magnetization of the

sources varies from 0.1 A / m to 10.0 A / m. The sources of Kursk and

Krivoy Rog anomalies have a magnetization of more than 10.0 A / m.

The values of the geomagnetic field components Bx, By, Bz, BH, D and

J are calculated for the Epoch 2015,5.

Acording to calculations the power components of the geomagnetic field

have the following limits: Northern Bx = (17440 ÷ 25260) nT, Eastern

By = (-2200 ÷ 7400) nT; Vertical Bz = 42700 ÷ 52700 nT, Horizontal

BH = (18000÷ 25600) nT.

For Ukraine in the magnetic declination D varies from -5,4 to 20.6

degrees, and magnetic inclination J - from 61,1 to 69,1 degrees

According to the maps of the geomagnetic field, anomaly of power and

angular components are observed in areas of intense magnetic anomalies

of the regional and local ranks.


Keywords: Ukrainian Regional Magnetic Map, geomagnetic field

components, magnetic model