Understanding the

non-dipole part of the geomagnetic field by


Kuslits, L. (1), Lemperger, I. (1), Prácser,

I. (1), and Wesztergom, V. (1):

(1) Geodetic and Geophysical Institute, Research Centre

for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences,

Sopron, Hungary


An inversion

framework was applied for the non-dipole part of the geomagnetic core

field model CHAOS-6 using data from three different satellite missions

and ground observatories. This framework uses a forward model of

stationary helical current systems, based on geodynamo simulations of

low viscosity, to invert for. Here the authors present the

geographical distribution of the resulting current systems and it’s

comparison with the properties of core surface flows inverted by other

research groups. The full spatial structure of the inverted current

densities is revealed as well.