Digital Object

Identifier (DOI) for the BCMT definitive data set

Lesur, V. (1), Chambodut, A. (2), Maury, V.


(1) IPGP, Paris,

France (2) EOST, Strasbourg, France


The French “Bureau Central de Magnetisme

Terrestre” (BCMT) operates currently 16 magnetic observatories

distributed all over the world and maintains a database of more than a

hundred year of magnetic data, including additional former

observatories in France (2) and in foreign countries (3). Most of them

are or had been operated in collaboration with other institutions.

With the aim of providing a simple, lasting and reliable way to refer

to observatories definitive data, it has been proposed to the partner

institutions to attribute a single Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for

the complete dataset of BCMT definitive magnetic observatory data. The

DOI has been available for nearly a year (since October 2017).

The landing page for the BCMT dataset is hosted by the IPGP data

centre and includes, through an XML file, a description of the dataset

covered by this DOI, the list of partner institutions that agreed to

be included in the DOI and other meta-data information. A licence has

been set for the full data set. Direct links to the data for each

observatory hosted on BCMT ftp server are also provided to facilitate

data access.