historical magnetograms kept in the archives of Institute of

Geophysics Polish Ac. of Sc.

Reda, J.,

Kozlakiewicz, J., Neska, M., Czubak, P.

Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of

Sciences, Warsaw, Poland


The archival

resources in the Institute of Geophysics PAS comprehend a large amount

of analog magnetograms recorded in the geomagnetic observatories

Świder (SWI), Hel (HLP), Belsk (BEL), Hornsund (HRN, Spitsbergen),

and Arctowski (ARC, Antarctica). The oldest magnetograms are from

Świder observatory which started its work in 1920. The last Polish

observatories to stop analog recording were Hornsund and Arctowski in

1995. Analog recordings were conducted in different ways. In most

cases recordings were made on photographic paper. However there were

also used chart recorders equipped with a pen.

For about two years now we have been performing a systematic

scanning of historical magnetograms. So far all magnetograms of set No

1 from Belsk have been scanned, i.e., data covering the period from

1965 to 1987.

We report on our actual experience concerning this scanning of

historical magnetograms.