The Scott Base

Geomagnetic Observatory



GNS Science,

Lower Hutt, New Zealand

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The Scott Base

Geomagnetic Observatory (SBA), established in 1958 and operated by GNS

Science, is continuously monitoring the changes of the Earth’s

magnetic field within the Southern polar regions as an important

contributor to the INTERMAGNET global magnetic observatory network.

With the current technology, a measurement of the variations in

strength and direction of the magnetic field is automatically being

taken every second by magnetometers located inside the two small

geomag” huts at Scott Base. The data are being processed and

submitted to INTERMAGNET on an hourly basis. Increased accuracy and

areal extension of the SBA data set is gained by magnetic surveys at

Cape Evans and Lake Vanda, which were first conducted in 1911 and

1974, respectively, and are repeated about every 5 years.


While the first part of my presentation is introducing one specific

geomagnetic observatory site, the second part is providing an overview

of the usage of magnetic measurements within New Zealand and through

the international community. The scientific value of SBA, together

with the value of the two other geomagnetic observatories (EYR & API)

looked after by GNS Science, is not widely recognized within New

Zealand. To ensure the observatories continuation, we need to explain

and highlight their significance on a global scale.