Concept of zero

magnetic field laboratory at the NCK observatory

Erdős, G. (2), Lemperger, I. (1), Lichtenberger, J. (1),

Kuslits, L. (1) Németh, Z. (2), Szabó, H. (1), Veres, M. (2), and

Wesztergom, V. (1)

(1) Geodetic and

Geophysical Institute, Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth

Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Sopron, Hungary; (2) Wigner

Research Centre for Physics, Budapest, Hungary

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An extremely low

magnetic field laboratory is under construction at the Széchenyi

István Geophysical Observatory of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

(Nagycenk Geophysical Observatory, IAGA code: NCK).

The local DC-ULF range geomagnetic field is to be reduced in the focus

chamber of the Lab by means of active compensation and passive

shielding techniques to an extremely low lewel of 100 pT.

The Laboratory shall offer a unique opportunity for extremely low

field experiments such as:

simulation of the electromagnetic conditions of interplanetary space

environment; facilitating the development of the so called SERF

magnetometer; calibration of search coils applied in space technology

for magnetospheric and/or interplanetary magnetic field measurements

on satellites; performing biophysical material science experiments

like alloy production technologies in zero magnetic field