DS-2 digital

fluxset D/I instrument

Hegymegi, L. (1),

Szöllősy, J. (2), Merényi, L. (1), Domján, Á. (1), Hegymegi, Cs.


(1) MinGeo Ltd,

Budapest, Hungary (2) individual subcontractor


Using experiences of DS-1 digital

declination/inclination instrument, a new instrument was designed and

built. The mechanical part of this instrument is the same as at DS-1.

Optical angle measuring system was replaced to a similar digital one

for horizontal and vertical angles but a new graduated circle was

produced on a thin silicon disc. The stability and precision of this

angle reading system is higher than the previous one.

In DS-2 the fluxset magnetometer electronics transmits magnetometer

output value together with horizontal and vertical angle data to a

tablet PC through Bluetooth connection. Measurement data are stored in

the tablet together with time label. The built-in GPS receiver of the

tablet assures the precision of time stamp.

Scalar magnetometer’s serial data output can be connected directly

to the USB port of the tablet or alternatively transmitted via

Bluetooth using a small electronic unit powered by the scalar


The tablet is used as data display and data recording. Recording is

carried out when a push button pressed on a remote controller. Same

commander is used to delete last recorded data if necessary. After the

measurement session data can be downloaded to a memory card or to the

processing PC using Wi-Fi connection.

Data display gives some additional useful information for the operator

as the following measurement position of the telescope or charging

status of the batteries etc.

All instrumentation is running from battery at least for six hours and

charging is possible using 12 V DC or 230 V (115 V) AC.

In this paper the new instrument and some measurement experiences are

presented and discussed.