First experiences

of 3D-printing in geophysical instrumentation at Sodankylä Space


Raita, T. (1), Mäenpää, K.


(1) Sodankylä

Geophysical Observatory, University of Oulu, Sodankylä, Finland, (2)

Arctic Space Centre, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Sodankylä,



Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory (SGO), the

host of geomagnetic observatory SOD, has been a partner in the 3D

printing project at the Sodankylä Space Campus, where the Finnish

Meteorological Institute established 3D-printing facility during the

years 2016-2017. The aim of the 3D-printing project was to improve the

knowledge about 3D printing for the local companies and gather

experiences of 3D-printing possibilities to the space campus.

Multiple type of 3D-printers, 3D-scanning methods and 3D-designing

software packages were tested. Special tools, holders and housing

solutions for the observatory instrumentation have been designed and

3D-printed using different materials. Each project partner designed

their own printable product together with FMI staff. SGO’s products

were part to the miniature model of cube satellite and sensor holder

prototype for the flux-gate sensor of the DI-instrument. Experiences

of 3D-printing at Sodankylä Space Campus will be presented in this



3D-printing opens complete new possibilities in instrumentation

solutions with reasonable low costs after the basic knowledge about

printing materials and printers has been studied. Designing and

printing of small products are rather easy and fast without a big

technical laboratory and experienced technical staff, which are not

always available. The 3D-printing project was funded by European Union

Regional Development Funds.