First results of

the GyroDIF at Livingston Island Geomagnetic Observatory,


Marsal, S. (1), Torta, J.M. (1), Curto, J.J.

(1), Segarra, A. (1), Ibañez, M. (1)

(1) Observatori de l'Ebre (OE), Univ. Ramon

Llull - CSIC, 43520 Roquetes (Spain)


The GyroDIF is an automatic DIflux developed

by the Royal Meteorological Institute which is based on a fibre optic

gyroscope to refer the Declination measurements to the True North.

Once the infrastructure in the Livingston Island geomagnetic

observatory (LIV) is ready to accommodate it, the 2017-2018 Antarctic

summer survey has been dedicated to deploying and testing the

instrument. We compare the baselines of the magnetic field components

obtained with the GyroDIF with those arising from a manual DIflux

theodolite. The magnetic Inclination baseline and derived elements (H

and Z) compare really well with manual determinations; however,

Declination baselines (and its derived magnetic East component) from

both instruments are more divergent from each other due to the low

resolution of the gyroscope measurements. Even if the amount of data

available is still scarce, we discuss the limitations of the

instrument and point some possible solutions for baseline