time data acquisition and data transfer

Leonhardt, R., Mandl, R., Bailey, R., Kornfeld, R., and

Egli, R.


für Meteorologie und Geodynamik, Wien, Austria



real time acquisition system) is a Python-based software library to

read data from various instruments, locally store/buffer this data on

any provided storage medium, and simultaneously broadcast data in

real-time based on state-of-the-art IOT (Internet Of Things)

techniques for remote usage. MARTAS consists of a core that handles

storage, broadcasting, and treatment of data objects, as well as a

library that contains communication routines for supported


MARTAS is designed as a universal acquisition routine, running on

basically all kinds of hardware, from very lightweight, low-power

systems like backbone and raspberry pi, up to full server-grade

network integrated computers. MARTAS supports most network

environments from single local installations without or with only

periodical internet access, towards fully de-centrally organized

networks, in which MARTAS permanently broadcasts data to an external

broker, which in turn is accessed by an independent data collector.

Data broadcasting is performed using the MQTT protocol, supporting

handshaking (all quality-of-service levels), authentication and SSL


MARTAS is easy to install, simple to configure and, for developers,

easy to extend. A full MARTAS system comes with a UPS, lightning

protection, completely independent monitoring based on NAGIOS

(, the industry standard in IT infrastructure

monitoring), remote configuration possibilities and web-based

graphical visualization of data. All components beyond the MARTAS host

hardware are optional. Furthermore, basic collection routines are

included. MARTAS can interact with the Python package GeomagPy, which

allows for automated processing and analysis.

Currently (Summer 2018), MARTAS supports the following geomagnetic

instruments (GEM systems GSM19, GSM90 Overhauser, GP20S3 potassium

mag., Geometrics G823A Cesium mag, Quantum POS1 Overhauser mag, LEMI

L025, L036 and other variometers), data loggers (MinGEO

Obsdacq/Palmacq), various other instruments (e.g. METEOLAB BM35

pressure, ENV05 environmental, Theiss Disdrometer, ...) and

development/low-cost platforms (DALLAS OneWire, ARDUINO). Data

acquisition at the Conrad Observatory as well as in the Austrian

geomagnetic network is fully based on MARTAS systems. Public real-time

visualization of some selected sensors is accessible at within “Live views”.