Definitive data

vs AUTODIF measurements at Kakioka Magnetic


Rasson, J. (1), Gonsette, A. (1), OKAWA, T.

(2), OWADA, T. (2), OGI, J. (2), KAITOH, M. (2)

(1) Institut Royal Meteorologique Centre de

Physique du Globe, Dourbes 5670, Belgique (2) Japan Meteorological

Agency Kakioka Magnetic Observatory, Kakioka, Japan


Declination and inclination measurements made

by AUTODIF are absolute in the sense that they are referred to True

North and the local Vertical and are not dependent upon instrumental

misalignments. These absolute measurements can be made frequently, up

to 48 times/day. Therefore it is interesting to compare with the

definitive data of the observatory where AUTODIF is measuring.

We performed such comparison in the Kakioka Magnetic Observatory which

has the IMO status (see The definitive data at

the times of the AUTODIF absolute were extracted from the INTERMAGNET

database and intercompared.

Aditionally we extracted the biaxial tilt from the AUTODIF to monitor

the long-term loss of levelling; also the evolution of AUTODIF

horizontal circle index with respect to the target direction was

monitored for getting information on possible AUTODIF micromotions in

the horizontal plane.

We present these results and make some tentative