mid-latitude magnetic storms recorded by old


Valach, F. (1),

Hejda, P. (2), Bochníček, J. (2), Revallo, M. (3), Váczyová, M.


(1) Geomagnetic

Observatory, Earth Science Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences,

Komárňanská 108, 947 01 Hurbanovo, Slovakia (2) Institute of

Geophysics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Boční

II/1401, 14131 Prague, Czech Republic (3) Earth Science Institute,

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Dúbravská cesta 9, 845 28 Bratislava,



Recently, a new insight into the mechanism of

the Carrington magnetic storm was published, which identified the

field aligned currents as the main cause of this well-known event. The

new idea seems to be a promising alternative to the generally accepted

theory, in which the ring current is the main cause of the low- and

mid-latitude magnetic storms. In our presentation, some records of

rapid mid-latitude magnetic storms are shown. Most of them were

recorded by historical magnetic observatories (years 1837, 1848, 1872,

1918). The profiles of the horizontal component show that, instead of

the ring current, the substorm-related current system probably played

an important role in the development of these interesting geomagnetic