19th IAGA Workshop

We announce that the 19th IAGA workshop on Geomagnetic Observatory Instruments, Data Acquisition and Processing will be held at the Tihany Geophysical Observatory (THY) and in the Institute of Earth Physics and Space Science (EPSS), Sopron, Hungary. The workshop will consist of two parts:

1) an instrumentation and observation focused first part including the DIM measurement/intercalibration sessions held in Tihany between May 22 (Monday) to May 23 (Tuesday), 2023 and

2) a second part that is a conference including sessions on new measurement techniques, improved instrumentation, data processing, as well as new science results based on geomagnetic observations. This second part will be held at EPSS in Sopron between May 24 (Wednesday) and 26 (Friday), 2023. (Transport of participants from Tihany to Sopron will be organized by the host institution.)

A summer school intended for young technicians and scientists, as well as for new observers is also planned between May 21 (Sun) – 23 (Tue), 2023 at Tihany.