The equipment and instruments session basically consists of three main blocks:

1. Exhibition and instrument presentation

This session consists of an exhibition where companies and developers present instrumentation, software and sensors. This session will take place in the main laboratory of the Conrad Observatory (see floorplan below). Authors are kindly asked to setup their instruments/system presentation on Monday 13:00 to 15:00. Presentation time will be parallel to the poster session.  

2. Variometer and Scalar instruments comparison

Observers contributing to the scalar instrument and variometer comparison are kindly asked to setup their instrumentation on Monday within the measurement tunnel of the Conrad Observatory. Technicians from the observatory are ready to help you. Details and schedules are arranged on site.

3. DI comparison measurements

DI Comparison measurements will start on Monday 9:30. A preliminary schedule is currently prepared. A detailed time plan with measurement slots will be available soon. DI measurements will be possible anytime on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, outside the oral program.


Special offer: Checking Theodolites by "Firma Wenger" and GFZ / Observatory Niemegk

Parallel to the exhibition there will be the possibility to get your Zeiss 010 and 020 theodolites checked. An expert of "Firma Wenger" with a live time experience in calibration of Zeiss Theodolites will be a the workshop and ready to test and check your theodolites. If you are interested in such checks (20-30 min, free of charge) you will find a list in the exhibition room.