Rachel Bailey

Rachel Bailey

Dr. Bailey has been working at the Conrad Observatory since 2012. Her research focus is on the development of geomagnetically induced currents (GICs) in the Austrian power grid during geomagnetic storms, a topic she has been working on together with the power grid operators since 2014.This has included developing a model of GICs in Austria, published on GitHub as GEOMAGICA, testing that model vs. measurements, and also investigating the long data set of GIC measurements (6+ years) in Austria.

Over the years, she has been involved in the development of the software running at the observatory, Geomagpy. She also has experience using various machine learning methods, including LSTMs and Gradient Boosting Regressors, and likes to tinker with the models for different forms of space weather forecasting, some of which can be found in the Helio4Cast solar wind forecast.


  • PhD in Geophysics, University of Vienna, Austria
  • MPhys in Astrophysics, University of St. Andrews, Scotland

Research Interests

  • Geomagnetic field variations
  • Geomagnetically induced currents in power grids
  • Space weather
  • Machine learning
  • Solar wind forecasting


Contact Details

r.bailey (at)

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