Example Requests

Conrad observatory (WIC) magnetic data for current UTC day in IAGA2002 format

Conrad observatory (WIC) magnetic data for selected timerange in IAGA2002 format

Geomagnetic activity (K value) at the Conrad observatory in an ASCII format

Gams variometer station (GAM) magnetic data for two days in IAGA2002 format

!!! coming soon !!!


Conrad observatory (WIC) meteorological data

Conrad observatory data with full meta information in json format


The amount of data that can be retrieved is limited by a maximum of 172800 data points. Available data in minute resolution maximally covers the last year. Older data needs to be downloaded from the data archive. Accessing archive data requires authorized access. Please contact the administrator if required.




Valid inputs

id Observatory code (required) Valid inputs: GAM, SWZ, WIC, SGO, COBS
starttime Time of first requested data Default: start of current UTC day
Example: 2019-05-29T10:39:59Z
endtime Time of last requested data Default: current UTC time
Example: 2019-05-29T10:39:59Z
elements Comma separated list of requested elements Default (group=magnetism): X,Y,Z,F
Default (group=meteorology): T,rh,P,Snow,
Valid values for group=magnetism: X, Y, Z, F, G, H, D, I, K
Valid values for group=meteorology: T, rh, P, SH, N, Wv, Wd, S, SYNOP
sampling_period Interval in seconds between values Default: 60
Valid values:
1 restricted access
60, 3600
type Publication type of data Default: adjusted Valid values:
adjusted (automatically checked, not reviewed),
definitive only for WIC and magnetism
meta return only meta information (as json)
group Scientifc field of data source Default: magnetism
Valid values:
magnetism (automatically checked, not reviewed),
meteorology only for id=WIC and id=GAM,

Output formats and available elements

Output formats depend on the requested data. Magnetic variation data is usually provided as IAGA-2002 ascii format. K values (available only at WIC) are provided in dpk format. Meteorological data will be obtained in a comma separate ascii format. Meta information will always be provided as json. Except for meta information output formats can be forced into either CSV or json by using the format option.
Example: of=iaga2002, of=ascii, of=json