Starlink is a satellite network, maintained by the SpaceX company, which should provide global Internet access in the future. A beta test has started in 2020. In 2021 I applied as beta tester for the then available system in mid latitudes. As a geophysical observer I am interested in whether such system can assist us in broadcasting our open earth observation data particularly from remote locations and whether the bandwith is suitable for remote operations and maintenance.

Geophysical data from seismometers, geomagnetic sensors, meteorological stations and many other related disciplines are often obtained from remote locations. Detailed analysis and interpretation of such data needs to be conducted near real time in order to facilitate in time hazard warnings. Data transmission is usually a significant problem. When needing remote control features bandwidth becomes essential. The Starlink antenna might provide a solution for such problems.

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Terralla is an art project enabling you to listen to sounds of the Earth’s magnetic field. Terrella uses live data from geomagnetic observatories around the world and turns it into music. It is recommended to use headphones. Details can be found here: