Niko Kompein

Niko Kompein

Niko Kompein has been part of the Conrad Observatory team since 2014. Initially, the focus was on man-made magnetic interference signals at the historic Cobenzl Observatory near Vienna.

Over the years, several other topics were added, such as the effects of lightning discharges on magnetic measurements and the supervision of several magnetic measurement systems at the Conrad Observatory.


  • Former geophysicist at Pöyry Infra for seismic and geoelectric measurement campaigns in Austria
  • MPhys in geophysics, University of Vienna, Austria 2011
  • Former maintainance technician for optical and electrical data-networks in lower Austria

Research Interests

  • Modelling of magnetic fields of different sources
  • Magnetic fields of lightning discharges
  • Multiprocessing solutions for data analysis
  • Memory saving solutions of on the fly data description/ display


Contact Details

niko.kompein (at)

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