Patrick Arneitz

Patrick Arneitz works at the Conrad Observatory since 2013 and is mainly responsible for the archeo- and paleomagnetic laboratory. Using such records, he developed a global geomagnetic field model covering the last 4000 years within the framework of his doctoral thesis. His research focus is set on magnetic field variations on different timescales including geomagnetic field reversals, secular variations and short-term fluctuations.


  • Doctorate in Geophysics with the thesis "Variations of the past geomagnetic field: global reconstruction based on historical, archeo- and paleomagnetic data", University Vienna
  • Diploma in Geophysics with the thesis "Interpretation of temporal gravity variations in Obergurgl – effect of glacial ablation", University Vienna


  • Geomagnetic field variations
  • Archeo- and paleomagnetic measurements
  • Archeomagnetic modelling and dating
  • Rock magnetism
  • Time series analysis




- Researcher