As part of a Sparkling Science project "Sparkling Geomagnetic Field" a regional station network was set up in close cooperation with schools in the years 2012 to 2015. This data offers the possibility to examine the character of geomagnetic storms, as well as "substorms" contained in the main storm phase and their longitude and latitude dependency in a spatially limited area under precisely controlled conditions. The regional distribution also makes it possible to question the geo-efficiency of such events in the Austrian area. Due to the topicality and the relatively broad research content, this project is particularly suitable for teaching scientific research in schools. All basic scientific disciplines - mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology - are addressed equally through station construction, support, data analysis and visualization. Complementary geological fieldwork, examining records of field variations from Earth's past, will also provide a sense of the geological time scale of Earth system processes and functions.

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